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An Instagram Tour of Fargo

See Fargo, North Dakota, through the lens of Instagram photographers.

Sunrise on a clear day over Fargo reveals a breathtaking landscape.


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But even when it rains, it's better to be #lostinfargo.


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Street painting underscores the city's artsy appeal. 


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There's art of a different kind—along with drinks—at Unglued.


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Catch the city's free-wheeling spirit during Viking Yoga in the Drekker Brewing Taproom.


The Red River Zoo's pencil fence makes a colorful backdrop.


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A stroll around downtown brings surprises at every stop.


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Viking heritage rules at the Hjemkomst Center just across the river in Moorhead, Minnesota.


Back in Fargo, the Sons of Norway Kringen Lodge #25 serves a taste of tradition with authentic Norwegian fare such as lefse.


At Twenty Below Coffee, community potlucks share the spotlight with fresh-roasted coffee.


Locals and visitors head to Hotel Donaldson's HoDo Restaurant for date night.


The Red River Valley Fair entertains each July...


...and so does the Downtown Fargo Street Fair, North Dakota's largest free outdoor event (July 13-15 2017).


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The Fargodome, home field of the North Dakota State University Bison, hosts sports events, concerts and other entertainment year-round.


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All in all? "A pretty cool place," says @jamesedwarddarville.  


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