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Your Photos: Patriotic Inspirations

Our readers' photos celebrate parades, fireworks, flags and other symbols of patriotism around the Midwest.
  • At the parade

    Title: Small town celebrations

    Submitted by: pnpditter

    Comment by pnpditter: West Union, Minnesota, July 4 parade and celebration.

  • Brainerd fireworks

    Title: Fourth!

    Submitted by: fastfriar

    Comment by fastfriar: American celebration in Brainerd, Minnesota. The Fourth of July fireworks frame Brainerd's historic water tower.

  • Ready and waiting

    Title: Early morning

    Submitted by: cbroshar1

    Comment by cbroshar1: A porch in Independence, Iowa, is ready for the 4th of July.

  • Fired up

    Title: Patriotic fire truck

    Submitted by: steila

    Comment by steila: St. Joseph, Minnesota.

  • Swinging into the 4th

    Title: USA's future

    Submitted by: Zwergel

    Comment by Zwergel: My granddaughter swings while celebrating the 4th of July.

  • South Dakota sparklers

    Title: July 4 @ the lake

    Submitted by: glanzer77

    Comment by glanzer77: July 4th on Lake Byron, South Dakota.

  • Classic parade

    Title: July 4th parade

    Submitted by: natalius2010

    Comment by natalius2010: Young girl watches a parade in Kunkle, Ohio.

    This photo was the Editors' Choice winner in a My Midwest Photo Contest.

  • Decked out

    Title: Patriotism learned early in life

    Submitted by: Grandma Bev2

    Comment by Grandma Bev2: 4th of July.

  • Over Pelican Lake

    Title: July 4 on Pelican Lake, Minnesota

    Submitted by: megbethany

    Comment by megbethany: My family and I always go to nearby Pelican Lake to watch the big fireworks show every July 4. It's always gorgeous with the reflection on the lake.

  • Resting place

    Title: All-American Mackinac, 4th

    Submitted by: me2111

    Comment by me2111: A yard on Mackinac Island.

  • Boat parade

    Title: 4th of July at the lake

    Submitted by: dkclemenson

    Comment by dkclemenson: Every summer our little lake in central Minnesota has a boat parade. These three grandkids and one "granddog" are ready to go.

  • Saint Paul display

    Title: 4th of July

    Submitted by: bgust615

    Comment by bgust615: The 4th of July fireworks over Saint Paul.

  • On the farm in Kansas

    Title: A Kansas 4th of July

    Submitted by: Jenny278

    Comment by Jenny278: Eighteen-month-old Ellee is exploring the farm on the 4th of July. This was taken in Bucyrus, Kansas.

  • Setting sun

    Title: Flags

    Submitted by: nanny2knees

    Comment by nanny2knees: Flags at sunset taken at Whitehall, Michigan.

  • Flag reflections

    Title: reflected

    Submitted by: dflemming36

    Comment by dflemming36: Flag reflected in office building window.

  • Memorial Day

    Title: American Flag

    Submitted by: jimmjmkenzie1

    Comment by jimmjmkenzie1: Memorial Day, Ida Grove, Iowa.

  • Soaring colors

    Title: USA balloon

    Submitted by: kprst

    Comment by kprst: Howell, Michigan, balloon festival.

  • Flags on the pier

    Title: Flags at Navy Pier

    Submitted by: nmajetschak

    Comment by nmajetschak: God bless America.

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