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How to Make a Marigold Garland

Make a bright garland of fresh marigolds in minutes with our step-by-step instructions.
  • Make a marigold garden

    Make a marigold garland

    Harvest all sizes and varieties of marigolds to make charming floral garlands that can be used for centerpieces, strung across the ceiling or hung from arbors and trellises in the garden. Click or tap ahead for step-by-step instructions.

  • Get Started

    Step 1: Gather flowers

    Gather as many marigold heads as you think you'll need. You can cut or pluck them away from the stem just below the base of the bloom. 

  • Gather Supplies

    Step 2: Get supplies

    Supplies include floral snips, sewing scissors, waxed quilting thread, and a large sewing needle. Thin wire can be used instead of the needle and thread. 

  • Step 1: Begin threading marigolds

    Step 3: Begin threading marigolds

    Cut thread the length of your desired garland, plus an extra yard on either end for hanging. After making a knot in one end of the thread, thread the needle and begin to "sew" the marigold heads. For larger heads, push the needle through the cut stem and pull it through the top of the bloom. Gently pull the head toward the knot and repeat until the strand is as long as you want. 

  • Step 2: Alternate flower sizes

    Step 4: Add smaller flowers

    For smaller flower heads, use a different method when stringing them onto the garland. Push the needle through the side of the flower's base, then alternate each flower to lay opposite to the next one. You can also mix large and small flower heads together or create a pattern depending on the sizes and colors you choose. 

  • Step 3: Display your garland

    Step 5: Display your garland

    The finished garlands will look fresh for several days, and they will air dry beautifully if hung indoors to adorn a mantel or doorway or to crisscross the ceiling of a room. They can be used outdoors as well, but depending on the weather, they may not last as long. 

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