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How to Decorate with Mini Pumpkins

Don’t let big carved pumpkins have all the fall decor fun. Create easy, inexpensive autumn displays with miniature varieties.
  • Setting the season

    Vibrant dahlias in carved-out mini pumpkins delight at place settings. We used a candle carver—a small tool that removes candle-size chunks from fruits and veggies. Insert a votive holder as the "vase" for water and blooms.

  • Fall in a jar

    Create a pretty fall scene with a terrarium, bell jar or glass cake cover. Here, a bell jar on top of a shallow terra-cotta bulb dish spotlights mini pumpkins and a sprig of oak leaves on a bed of moss.

  • Simple does it

    Grab a few serving pieces from the kitchen to create a coffee table arrangement. Layer dishes; then top with gourds in different hues. A single candle and bittersweet tie it all together.

  • Lots of pots

    Place a few pumpkins in small terra-cotta pots for a casual fall arrangement. Burgundy dahlias bring rich color.

  • Circle of gourds

    Fashion a fall wreath using mini pumpkins, gourds and faux leaves. Start with a straw wreath form. Tap a nail into each pumpkin and gourd to create a small hole. Remove the nail and insert a toothpick into each hole; coat other end of the toothpick with hot glue and insert it into the wreath form. Fill empty spaces with hot-glued silk leaves.

  • Bountiful bowl

    A mix of small pumpkins, gourds and fall leaves turns a basic wooden bowl into a colorful autumnal display on these wire shelves.

  • Raise your pumpkins

    Elevate mini pumpkins on candleholders of different heights for an elegant tabletop arrangement. These candleholders were spray-painted black to unify the display.

  • Touch of fall

    Stack small gourds inside an apothecary jar for a touch-of-fall tabletop display. Add color and texture with red or green leaves. Pair with a jar of dried hydrangea blooms.

  • Two's company

    For a small tabletop accent, pair two pumpkins but elevate one of them in a bowl or footed compote. A sprig of bittersweet and big leaf finish the minimalistic arrangement.

  • Fall filler

    A few pumpkins at the bottom of a clear vase give an arrangement of branches seasonal style. (And they’ll help anchor the branches.)

  • Tiny pumpkin torcheres

    With a handful of garden stakes and some simple hardware, you can transform palm-size pumpkins into a bouquet of magical torcheres in minutes. 

    See our short video on how to make tiny pumpkin torcheres

  • Festive place card

    Instead of using traditional place cards, scrawl names on cute mini pumpkins for a festive fall dinner party. Pumpkins look rustic and chic on top of orange cloth napkins and accented with a few fall leaves.

  • Fruit salad

    For a nature-theme centerpiece that celebrates fall’s bounty, mix pumpkins, pears and other seasonal fruits on a tray elevated by a birch log.

  • Terrarium topper

    Use a large or medium pumpkin, like the Cinderella variety shown here, as a terrarium container. Slice off the top of the pumpkin and scoop out seeds. Fill with soil; plant small terrarium plants. Cover exposed soil with moss. Finally, add mini pumpkins, acorns and other gathered accents.

  • Light weights

    Though little pumpkins don’t weigh much, they will help keep an outdoor tablecloth in place. Add grommets to tablecloth corners and tie on pumpkins with string or twine.

  • Video: How to make a fall wreath

    See how to make a beautiful fall wreath from field corn, gardening wire, gourds, snowberries, cranberries, tiny pumpkins, pine boughs, ribbon and jute.

  • Container color

    Add minis at the base of a fall container garden. They instantly bring seasonal color to a tall arrangement highlighted with purple fountain grass.

  • Window dressing

    An assortment of mini pumpkins and fresh fall leaves creates a pretty fall window swag.

    Knot your fall bounty on a length of rustic twine, and swag across your panes to frame a pretty fall view.

  • Nesting time

    A single mini white pumpkin nestled in a faux birds’ nest and surrounded by viburnum leaves and berries makes a pretty seasonal centerpiece. Accent with a tiny bird from a crafts store to complete the look.

  • Light up the night

    For fall ambience in the evening, make mini pumpkin lanterns. Carve out pumpkin tops so votive holders fit inside. Display each in a wire jar holder.

  • Flower power

    Turn a mini pumpkin into a vase. Carve a hole in the pumpkin’s top to fit a votive holder. Fill with water. A tight bunch of mums looks seasonally sweet.

  • Hanging around

    To make a tabletop tree, place three or four sturdy sticks inside a cylinder vase. Fill the vase with birdseed to secure the sticks. To tie petite pumpkins to the tree, drill a little hole in each stem and tie on fishing line or string.

  • Wire basket display

    For a seasonal outdoor display, line the lower half of a wire basket with moss sheets and fill with soil. Add plants, like the clematis vine shown, for a pop of green. Top with a group of small orange pumpkins.

  • Table runner trio

    Creating a fall dinner table display can be quick and easy. Just weave a satin ribbon between three mini gourds and top with bittersweet. Presto, you’re done!

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