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20 Ways to Create a Home Office Space

Solve workspace challenges with our ideas for creating a home office in just about any area of your house.
  • Home office

    Maximize a space

    Why do some offices—even tiny ones—seem to actually help you be more productive? Because they nail the details, such as using a rug to define your office in a multiuse space and painting the walls the right shade to put you in a creative state of mind. Read our 12 tips to get the most out of your home office. 

  • Adams home office

    Renovation reward

    When Michigan design editor Michelle Adams modernized her 1920s Colonial, crews found wood planking under drywall in the office space—an unexpected design gift. 

  • Spare bedroom space

    Add an elegant table to a spare bedroom for a polished look and functionality. Keep the desk embellishments simple; this homeowner opted for just a lamp and vase of flowers.

  • Hallway station

    This adorable desk offers both decoration and organization. The stylish lamp and accessories' bright colors coordinate perfectly with the wallpaper and rug.

  • Closet transformation

    Make over a closet into cozy office space. We suggest removing the closet door and replacing it with a curtain. Paint the inside of the closet, and add shelves and wall art. Best part? Close the curtain to leave the office for the day.

  • Spare corner

    Create a whole office space in one corner. Wheeled storage units fit snugly under the desk. Mix art and organization by hanging framed pictures on one wall and a bulletin board on the other.

  • All-purpose space

    Fabric-covered corkboards, pegboards and a chalkboard make a colorful backdrop for kitchen organization, storage and message space. We love pegboards for hanging supply cups and bins for desk supplies.

  • Entryway simplicity

    Tight on floor space? Opt for a sleek stand near the door. It's perfect for sorting mail or paying bills before you head out.

  • Floating desk

    This suspended desk creates a work area in a small space. Old bed springs and repurposed kitchen items make eye-catching accessories.

  • Organized vintage

    Wire baskets attached to an old barnwood plank organize odds and ends above a desk. A framed chalkboard displays quotes. 

  • Attic office

    Create an office in the attic for a private work space. This out-of-the-way area is perfect for a slightly messier desk.

  • View finder

    Scandinavian cottage style inspired this light-filled office. Above the desk, casement windows and transoms built as one unit continue the crisp wainscoting lines.

    Buying guide 

  • Double-duty table

    For minimal office storage needs, cover an old table with a stylish slipcover and some fun table-toppers. Store office supplies underneath and bring them out as needed.

  • Basement office

    Section off a work area with a colorful rug. Comfortable chairs add a homey look, while cabinets offer some serious storage.

  • Entryway catchall

    This decorative entryway desk is a catchall for mail and keys, plus it offers a handy place to sit and get organized. Choose a chair that tucks underneath for clear traffic ways.

  • Moveable office

    Choose a small wheeled storage unit if you need your office to be on the move. Pay bills in the kitchen; move to the desk to the living room for scrapbooking.

  • Cupboard organization

    If you need storage more than workspace, a cupboard like this may be the solution. The cabinet houses a printer, sliding trays for office supplies and labeled containers for each family member.

  • Flexible workspace

    This combination of an elegant small desk and upholstered chair would work well in a dining room, living room or hall. If the desk is in your dining area, just move the chair to the table when you need extra seating.

  • Eye-catching office solution

    Make your desk a statement piece. This lean-to shelving and desk unit's dark wood pops against the navy wall. The desk and storage space also preserve floor space.

  • Streamlined desks

    This homeowner created a wall of attractive office space in a bedroom by adding clear chairs and simple, streamlined desks.

  • Kitchen cubby

    This small kitchen desk multitasks as a message center, homework area and organization station. The seating offers additional storage -- and tucks under the desk to preserve traffic flow.

  • Small space organization

    Stack storage if your office space is limited. Hide clutter inside colorful storage bins and behind the curtain under the desk.

  • Garage workspace

    This homeowner set up shop in the garage using simple industrial desk and shelves. When the weather's nice, open the door for a great view.

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