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House Tour: Full House, Full Color

In a home bustling with eight kids, finding a little peace and quiet is all about starting with the right hues in this Little Rock, Arkansas, home.
  • Hues of home

    Hues of home

    Aqua blue rises up kitchen cabinets, across a backslash and onto the ceiling of Tom and Cynthia Frazier's home. It spills onto the adjoining family room's marine blue sofa, turquoise chandelier and blue chairs. In that rolling wave, the Fraziers see a beach, one in Florida that the family of 10 adores. 

    "It is like looking into a pool of water," says Tobi Fairley, an interior designer who built an impressive national brand on colors that pop. She calls the Little Rock, Arkansas, kitchen one of her most iconic spaces. “It has that mesmerizing effect.”

    Tobi’s bold colors permeate the house: soothing blue in the kitchen, yellow and gray in the master bedroom, and all three hues in the dining room. The colors reflect the diversity of the home’s dwellers while, like the Fraziers themselves, coming together as a whole. (When Tom and Cynthia married in 2005, they each had three children, and they foster two more.)

    In the kitchen, a 15-foot island provides ample seating. Tobi used custom lamination to vinylize the barstools’ ticking fabric for easy cleaning.

  • Aqua action

    Aqua action

    Floor-to-ceiling blue cabinets and tile appear seamlessly serene thanks to color consistency. The all-aqua look aids visual flow and acts like a neutral. “It was daring to let me leap and make every surface that color,” Tobi says. “It’s easier to do that with colors you find in nature." 




  • Neutral cocoons

    Neutral cocoons

    The living room adopts the 80:20 color rule. Creamy neutrals cocoon the majority of the space, letting the designer get colorful with a few accessories. 

  • Gathering spaces

    Gathering spaces

    Mixing shapes, sizes, styles, fabrics and finishes creates a fresh look in the open family room. The varied patterns on the sofa, chairs and ottoman work together thanks to a shared blue scheme. 

  • Constant comfort

    Constant comfort

    Blue creates a calming feel throughout the dining and living space. 

  • Polished patio

    Polished patio

    The interior’s soft blues, grays and yellows transition to the covered front porch, which has ample seating for dining, relaxing or napping. 

  • Carpet flair

    Carpet flair

    Underused attic space now serves as this cheery teen bedroom. Carpet tiles jazz up the floor and can be individually replaced if stained or worn. 

  • Design play

    Design play

    Tobi creates spaces lit with bold patterns and bright hues. In keeping with the designer's use of gregarious colors and patterns, accents also inject spirited flair. Unique lighting makes a distinctive statement in this bedroom.

  • Dotted dream

    Dotted dream

    Decor is spot on in this bed and bath with round motifs like dot wallpaper, a circle mirror and pompom linens.

  • Colorful Transitions

    Colorful transitions

    The master suite repeats the same fabric on bed and bath windows, but uses two different treatment styles.

    “One of my talents is transitioning color space to space,” Tobi says. “There’s no purple-and-red room next to an orange room.” Instead, Tobi smartly segues from one space to the next by adding and dropping hues. “I might create a flow from black and white, to black and white and yellow, to yellow and blue,” she says. 

  • Meaningful patterns

    Meaningful patterns

    In the Fraziers’ master bath, striped wallpaper and patterned shades echo the color and patterns of the bedroom but with a different treatment style.

  • Buying guide

    Architect Carolyn Lindsey, Yeary Lindsey Architects, Little Rock, Arkansas.

    Contractor Scott Greenwood Construction, Little Rock, Arkansas. (501) 868-9062

    Designer Tobi Fairley, Tobi Fairley and Associates, Little Rock, Arkansas.


    Accessories, fabrics, furniture and lighting Tobi Fairley and Associates.

    Decorative painting by Tracy Rivers. Angelfish Studios.

    Decorative pillows Sew Much by Monica Smith. (501) 952-3768

    Paint Sherwin-Williams.

    Rugs C&F Flooring and Rug Gallery. Tobi Fairley and Associates.

    Upholstery  Robby Chism Upholstery. (501) 257-7932

    Window coverings  Mountjoy’s Custom Draperies. (501) 455-2216


    Appliances Metro Appliances and More.


    Mirrors Tobi Fairley and Associates.


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