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How to Decorate with Paint Chips

Give home furnishings a new palette without lifting a brush. Paint chips from home improvement stores easily add colorful personality to small-scale accents.

Faux-texture tabletop

A side table gets artistic with a mix of large chips on top. For a sophisticated neutral scheme, choose shades of beige, brown and sand. Mix in samples of techniques (like Venetian plaster) for one-dimensional texture. Attach with double-sided tape, leaving space (ours is 12 inch) between chips. Cover with glass to protect.

Faux-texture tabletop.

Paint (On table) EB24-1 Chestnut. Valspar Eddie Bauer Home collection. Lowe’s (800) 445-6937; Paint chips Assorted neutrals from Valspar Waverly Home Classics; assorted Valspar Venetian Plaster chips. Lowe’s (800) 445-6937; Table Ikea (888) 888-4532;

Multishade photo display

Give photo mats a little flair with paint strips; they offer graduated shades of one color for a pretty ombre effect. Muted purples, for example, blend well with black-and-white scenes. Using double-sided tape, attach strips to mats. Trim to fit. For the narrow top and bottom borders, we cut out individual paint chips.

Multishade photo display.

Frames Ikea (888) 888-4532; Paint chips Assorted Valspar paint strips. Lowe’s (800) 445-6937;

Color-block clock

Radiating swatches in wintry blues make for a mod geometric clock. To begin, lay out your design on a table. We started with a block of deep blue (note: most chips aren’t perfectly square) and continued asymmetrically with chips of gradually lighter shades; strips of white paper mark the quarter hours. Measure the final arrangement, and cut 14-inch plywood to fit. Glue or screw short wood pieces to the back so the unit hangs flush against a wall after the clock movement is installed. Attach paint chips to plywood with spray adhesive. When dry, drill a hole for the clock movement (find kits at crafts stores).

Color-block clock.

Clock movement kit Michaels Stores (800) 642-4235; Paint chips Assorted blues from Valspar Eddie Bauer Home collection. Lowe’s (800) 445-6937;


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