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Cool Midwest-Made Textiles

These three Midwest textile artists design rugs and throws that marry inventive graphics with impeccable craftsmanship.

Function, shake hands with form. Midwest artists such as Karrie Dean, Dee Clements and Moira Quinn are creating inventive, beautifully crafted textiles. "Textiles are often the first thing someone notices in a space," says Moira. "They deserve investment and consideration."

Textile Designs

Get to Know

6 Italian Floor Throw and 7 78th Street Throw

Karrie Dean (left) Designs recycled cotton throws for her KC-area biz, Happy Habitat. Ex-HR rep with art skills learned on YouTube. Gets her best ideas in the shower.

Dee Clements (middle) Trained as painter. Designs rugs for Graduate Hotels and CB2, as well as her own Chicago-based line, Studio Herron. Snaps photos of strangers’ clothes for inspo.

Moira Quinn (right) Day job: wardrobe at Lyric Opera of Chicago. Makes hand-tufted rugs inspired by textiles history, film and cartoons. Loves parrots and gin martinis.

Their Work

Arch and Cutout Rugs For Dee’s first foray into creating rugs for her own brand rather than for businesses, she and artist Chad Kouri collaged bits of paper to make the designs. The no-pile, loom-based dhurrie weave turns cozy wool into flat, durable graphic art for the floor. $1,200; 6x9 feet.


Arch Rug.

Cutout Rug

Cutout Rug.

Pixel Rug “The tufting tool acts like a drawing tool,” Dee says, making tufted designs more improvisational. $175; 2x3 feet.


Pixel Rug.

Scattered Throw What began as a repeating pattern became intentionally haphazard over time, Karrie explains. $165;


Scattered Throw.

Abstract Checkerboard Rug “I start with a doodle on paper and translate that directly to achieve a hand-drawn look,” Moira says. $400; 18x32 inches.


Abstract Checkerboard Rug.

Italian Floor Throw (Below left) A friend sent pattern-crazy Karrie a snap from her trip to Italy. Naturally, it inspired a throw. $165;

78th Street Throw (Below right) This design reminds Karrie of a 1970s wall hanging from her childhood home. $165;


Italian Floor Throw (left) and 78th Street Throw (right).

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