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DIY Valentine's Day Envelopes

Customize your Valentine's card envelopes with an artistic touch using watercolor resists, paper doilies — even a brown paper bag.

Delivering cards to loved ones? Whether you send just one note or spread Valentine’s greetings to many, a DIY envelope will make your cards more special. Talent not required—it’s easy to do with only with paint and paper. The lucky recipients will be delighted by the extra creative touch.

Fold your own envelope

It’s surprisingly easy to create your own envelope. Just carefully unseal the folds of any ordinary envelope—I found some old card envelopes I was going to throw away anyway—and trace around the unfolded envelope onto your desired paper. Scrapbooking paper is just the right thickness and comes in a wide variety of colors and patterns. Or, for a more rustic look, I used a brown paper grocery bag. A little wrinkling and imperfection is to be expected. It’s part of the handmade appeal! Seal the overlapping edges with glue, and it is ready to deliver.   

A touch of watercolor

This is a creative trick you’ll want to remember—and teach your kids! Watercolor resists are easy to make and impressively artistic. Using a white crayon or white acrylic paint, carefully write the recipient’s name on a white envelope. Using watercolor paints, brush on some color. Make sure to use colors that play well together—red, purple and blue make a good Valentine’s Day color combination and so do yellow, red and orange. The name should show through the color, leaving a lasting impression. One of the things I like most about this technique is that it’s not overly feminine or romantic and has universal appeal, no matter what the recipient’s style. If you are planning on mailing these (rather than delivering them in person or placing inside another envelope), make sure the name and address can be easily read.

Lace envelope

A paper doily takes an envelope from flat to fancy in just a few folds. Start with a doily and fold the left and right sides in one inch, then crease. Fold the bottom half of the doily up, and you should start to see an envelope shape emerge. A little clear tape will make it stay.

Insert a cardstock note you’ve cut to fit and fasten with a ribbon. This design works best when hand delivered or safely tucked inside a sturdy plain envelope, as it is too delicate for mailing.




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