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6 Stunning Ways to Display Your Blooming Branches

Sure, you'll enjoy those gorgeous blooming branches in your yard, but why not snip a few to bring the beauty of the season indoors or to your front porch too? Here are 6 stylish ways to display the delicate blossoms of spring.
  • Log Pedestals

    Log pedestals

    Stacked, sliced logs create informal pedestals for displaying garden collectibles. This arrangement has stems of Andromeda and flowering quince in a 19th-century painted watering can. 

  • Tabletop Garden

    Tabletop garden

    This centerpiece uses a watering can in a large saucer mounded with soil and covered with moss to create a garden feel. Sprigs of violas and branches of flowering almond complete the piece. Tip: When gathering moss for the saucer, lift it in sheets rather than in clumps to create a smoother surface. 

  • Hanging Garden

    Hanging garden

    Quarter-inch hemp is wrapped around the neck and handle of this watering can filled with Cleveland pear. The hemp, which is also tied and wrapped around the base, becomes a natural decorative accent. 

  • Rustic Centerpiece

    Rustic centerpiece

    This purpleleaf-plum centerpiece works well for casual luncheons and parties. To make it, put an old narrow shutter in the center of the table and use it as a runner. Set three watering cans on top, with the largest in the center, and arrange a few flowering stems in each. 

  • Retro Bouquet

    Retro bouquet

    This white-and-pink arrangement of tulips and flowering dogwood looks charming in a retro yellow metal watering can. The casual floral design contrasts with the pot’s clean geometrical lines. 

  • Early Blooms

    Early blooms

    For late-winter or early spring color, top garden urns with cheery forsythia in galvanized watering cans. Tip: by regularly cutting stems and forcing branches to bloom indoors, you can enjoy flowers weeks ahead of nature’s schedule! 

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