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How to Roll Out Pie Crust

Follow our step-by-step instructions to see how to roll out a pastry crust with a rolling pin, transfer it to the pan and then crimp the edge for the perfect crust.
  • Hit it with the pin

    Step 1: Hit it with the pin

    Unwrap 1 disc of dough and place it on a lightly floured surface. Bang the dough with your rolling pin about 4 times, from left to right. Flip the dough over and bang left to right again. (This fun, noisy stress relief does serve a purpose: slightly softening the cold dough for faster, easier rolling.)

  • Step 2: Roll it out

    Step 2: Roll it out

    Firmly roll the pastry from the center forward, using less pressure on the edge. Every few rolls, rotate the disc a quarter-turn. If the pastry starts to stick, lift it gently and sprinkle more flour underneath. If the top gets sticky, flip the disc over. Continue rolling and rotating until the circle is 12 to 13 inches across (aim for 14 if your dish is deep and you want a thick crimp).

  • Step 3: Transfer to the pan

    Step 3: Transfer to the pan

    Loosely fold the circle in half and transfer to the pan. 

  • Step 4: Unfold and press dough

    Step 4: Unfold and press dough

    Unfold the dough, and gently but snugly press it into the corners. If any dough hangs over by more than 2 inches, trim it with kitchen scissors. (Use those scraps to patch holes or bolster spots where you don’t have much overhang. Or collect them in a freezer bag for crackers or cookies.)

  • Step 5: Roll up overhang

    Step 5: Roll up overhang

    For a rustic, Sister Pie-style fluted edge, start by rolling the overhang up and inward like a poster.

  • Step 6: Crimp the edge

    Step 6: Crimp the edge

    Form a “C” with the thumb and index finger of one hand. Hold that hand over the center of the pie. Position your opposite thumb outside of the pan. Simultaneously push outward with the “C” fingers and inward with your opposite thumb, moving around the pie until the entire edge is crimped. Freeze the crust for 15 minutes, because it will have softened and needs to rest. (Crimping works the same on a double-crust or lattice-top pie; you’ll just be rolling two layers of pastry.)

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