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Shortbread Cookies 12 Ways

One classic four-ingredient shortbread recipe becomes a rock-star cookie when you dip, drizzle, mix in and sprinkle on.
  • Shortbread cookies

    Hey there, cookie

    A cookie plate assembled by Mindy Segal is a pastry rebel's playground—fudgy, salty, melty, chunky and unapologetically fun. But great technique underlies her zaniness. In her new book, Cookie Love, the chef-owner of Mindy's HotChocolate in Chicago shows how mastering a classic like shortbread can unlock the baking genius in you. 

    Click or tap ahead for Mindy's four-ingredient Classic Shortbread recipe and tips for how to make all the variations shown in the photo. 

  • Classic Shortbread

    Classic Shortbread

    This four-ingredient recipe come from Chicago pastry chef Mindy Segal's book Cookie Love. Her main tip: Shortbread is forgiving, but for best results, pay attention to temperature. Start with chilled butter, and make sure the dough is always cool (like marble) but not cold. If it cracks when rolled, let it warm up slightly;if it's  too sticky, pop it back in the fridge for a bit.

    Classic Shortbread

  • Shortbread sandwich

    Shortbread sandwich

    After you've tried Mindy Segal's basic shortbread recipe, go a little (or a lot) crazy with variations. Here, add ground corn nuts (yep!) to dough; sandwich with chocolate ganache. 

  • Shortbread with pumpkin seeds and lemon curd

    Pumpkin seeds and lemon curd

    Add ground pepitas (pumpkin seeds) to shortbread dough; sandwich with lemon curd.

  • Shortbread with pretzels and chocolate

    Pretzels and chocolate

    Add crushed pretzels to shortbread dough; dip cookies in—or spoon on—milk and dark chocolates.

  • Shortbread with peppermint piping

    Peppermint piping

    Pipe pink peppermint buttercream on basic shortbread; garnish with crushed candy cane.

  • Shortbread with lime zest and coconut

    Zesty combo

    Add lime zest and toasted coconut to shortbread dough; dip in white chocolate and toasted coconut.

  • Shortbread with coffee and chocolate

    Coffee and chocolate

    Add instant coffee crystals to the shortbread dough; drizzle with dark chocolate.

  • Shortbread with powdered sugar

    Sifted with sugar

    Lay a wire rack over baked shortbread cookies; sift powdered sugar over them.

  • Smoky-sweet shortbread


    Add ground smoked almonds to the shortbread dough; sandwich with dulce de leche (available in the Hispanic foods aisle); dip in milk chocolate and finely chopped smoked almonds.

  • Shortbread with nuts and jam

    Nuts and jam

    Add ground Brazil nuts to dough; sandwich with strawberry jam.

  • Shortbread with cheesecake topping

    Cheesecake topping

    Add orange zest to dough; top with leftover cheesecake.

  • Shortbread with double chocolate

    Double-chocolate cookie

    Top shortbread with dark chocolate and drizzle with white chocolate.

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